Are you here to stay?


A few times people asked about plans for the future and whether or not SimpleLocalize is here to stay for the long term.

Service exists since 2018. I understand the worries. You don’t want to migrate all your translations just to learn that the service will be closed in a few months. I plan to stay and I have many feature ideas that I want to implement over the months or years. I must admit that SimpleLocalize doesn't reach a point where it's profitable. It generates fair amount of money and it's more than enough to cover monthly expenses. But looking at the growth curve I'm sure this number will grow faster and faster. Every month I'm getting new customers with annual subscriptions, which is great!

I don’t rely on outside investments or venture capital so our future isn’t going to be impacted by outsider decisions or pressures. I'm 100% independent 👨‍💻

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