React application localization

How to localize your React application. Learn how to use i18n libraries.
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Powerful and Intuitive Translation Editor

Web editor, which is ready to handle thousands of translation keys with many languages at the same time! Performance first UI improves the speed and quality of work.

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Work with Team

Invite team members to the project. Work together with native speakers from all around the world on your app translations. Get the best matching word translation to better express your project idea.

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Localization CLI Tool

SimpleLocalize CLI finds all translation keys in project files and pushes them to the cloud automatically. Thanks to that you can automate this process by putting the script to the CI/CD pipeline.

See supported libraries
Setup simplelocalize.yml file
apiKey: <API_KEY>
projectType: <YOUR_LIBRARY>
Run in terminal
$ curl -s | bash

Translations Hosting

Every project has it's own hosting on our serves which are covered with the CDN layer. This is the fastest possbile way to deliver translations anywhere, anytime for you, your users and developers. Check our status page, we have 100% uptime.

Check API{projectToken}/_latest/{languageKey}
    "CREATE_ACCOUNT": "create account",
    "SIGN_IN": "sign in",
    "WELCOME_TO_THE_JUNGLE": "welcome to the jungle",
      "key": "en",
      "name": "english",
      "enabled": true //soon!
      "key": "es",
      "name": "español",
      "enabled": false //soon!

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