Flag of Nicaragua

🇳🇮 Nicaragua

Country located in Central America

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General information related to the country

Comprehensive data for Nicaragua
Country NameNicaragua
Country Name (Local)Nicaragua
Country Flag🇳🇮
Country Area130373 km2
Country Code (ISO 3166-1)NI
ContinentCentral America
RegionCentral America
Capital NameManagua
Capital Latitude12.13282
Capital Longitude-86.2504
Postal Code Format###-###-#
Postal Code Regex^(\d{7})$


The currency used for the locale code is Córdoba Oro.

Currency information for Nicaragua and locale
Currency NameCórdoba Oro
Currency Name (Local)Nicaraguan córdoba
Currency CodeNIO
Currency SymbolC$
Currency Numeric558
Currency Subunit Value100
Currency Subunit NameCentavos

Languages Spoken


Nicaragua has one timezone with UTC offset UTC-06:00.



Nicaragua shares borders with 2 countries and it's not landlocked.

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What country is 🇳🇮?

People often ask which country uses 🇳🇮 emoji flag. The answer is Nicaragua.Nicaragua is located in Central America continent. The country area is 130373 km2, and the capital city is Managua (12.13282, -86.2504). Some of the neighboring countries are Costa Rica, Honduras, and the country is not landlocked. Some of the timezones in Nicaragua are UTC-06:00. The currency used in Nicaragua is Nicaraguan córdoba (NIO). People in Nicaragua speak mostly Spanish. Nicaragua is part of the Central America region.