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Fetch from CDN

Manage translations using SimpleLocalize and publish changes to CDN. New translations will be available right away. Translations are hosted on external service, so you don't need to worry about downtimes.

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  "CREATE_ACCOUNT": "create account",
  "SIGN_IN": "sign in",
  "WELCOME_TO_THE_JUNGLE": "welcome to the jungle",
        "key": "en",
        "name": "english",
        "enabled": true //soon!
        "key": "es",
        "name": "espaniol",
        "enabled": false //soon!

Work with team

Your client is keep changing texts in application? Are you working with external team of translators? Give them access and let them do their job. When the work is complete, publish changes and your work is done.

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Based on popular frameworks

If you cannot use CDN we also support export feature with multiple file formats. We do not want to force you to switch your current technology, framework or favourite tools. Just use them and we will take care of the compatibility.

Check supported file formats

Legible spreadsheet look

Work with many languages at same time. Use our spreadsheet to get full range overview of your translations. Match words to keep the context in all languages. No more weird sound texts hard to discover.

Easy migration tools

We prepared many import solutions to start with ease. In case any problems you can also send data to us and we import it for you, just contact me.

Autocomplete (soon)

Are you tired of translating same text over and over time? Use autocomplete feature and translate only differences that matters, everything else will be autocompleted automatically.

Notifications (soon)

Get notification when new keys are available to translation. We are planning to support e-mail and Slack notifications in future. Stay tuned!

CLI tool (soon)

Command-line interface in an easy way to integrate your application with the system. Works like continuous delivery & integration system for translations. Translate and fetch files ready to deploy.

Revision history (soon)

Revision history allows you to preview past versions of the translations and revert it. Roll back edits or start a new document version using the revision history feature.

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