Last modified: May 08, 2021Author: Jakub Pomykała

Quick Start

Learn how to extract localization key from Android project to local file. This guide will show you how to configure CLI to find localization keys in your project files.

If you already have extracted translation keys or translated messages in your strings.xml files, then go to page Android XML to upload your data first.



Install SimpleLocalize CLI

curl -s | bash

Problems with CLI? See troubleshooting section.

Extract translation keys

SimpleLocalize CLI will try to find translation key usages in .java and .kt files. After that, translation keys will be automatically uploaded to the translation editor.

simplelocalize extract --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --projectType google/android \
  --searchDir ./src

Translate messages

Now you can translate the messages or share the project with professional translators.

android xml translation management

Download translations

simplelocalize download --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --downloadFormat androd \
  --downloadPath ./resources/values-{lang}/strings.xml