Continuous Localization

Keep your translations always up-to-date with translation hosting feature.
Save time on your localization efforts and reduce costs.

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online translation editor interface
  • Auto-translation
  • Characters counter
  • Translation history
  • File export & import
  • Acceptance status
  • Customizable view
  • Translator descriptions
  • Namespaces support
  • Side-by-Side view
  • Last seen indicators
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Quick search

How it works?

Import translations, translate strings or use auto-translation.
Download translations to your project or host them on our servers.

how it works

Auto-translate texts

Select the language which you want to translate and hit 'Start auto-translate' button. Done! Your application is now translated into the language you selected. You can use 120 languages from Google Translate or DeepL to translate your application in just a few seconds!

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translate web application with google translate or deepl

Translation Hosting

Every project has its space on our servers, which are covered with a CDN layer. The CDN is the fastest possible way to deliver translations anywhere, anytime for you, your users, and developers.

Translation hosting
localization for react and translations hosting

Content delivery network

SimpleLocalize hosting for translations acts same as a content delivery network but for your translations. We rely on Amazon S3 and Cloudflare CDN to deliver your translations to your users all over the world. You can change texts and strings in your app without any hassle, in real time, without any downtime.

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Over 90 million people use our translation hosting service every month.

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