SimpleLocalize CLI

Synchronize localization files between your local files
and web-based translation editor from your terminal.

Install CLI 2.0
Free 14-day trial, No credit card required, Easy setup
bash command with translations upload

How it works?

Learn how work with SimpleLocalize looks like
and how it can speed up your translation workflow.

localization cli installation and configuration

Install and Configure

Execute a shell script to auto-install CLI or download a binary file. Create a YAML file with configuration for your project.
Get started with CLI

Upload translations

Execute upload command to push your local translation files to translation editor.
See upload command
react translations cli upload
translation editor for localization keys

Manage translations

Your translations will show up in a translation editor. In web client you start auto-translation, see translations suggestions, edit translations and more.
Go to Editor

Use translations

Choose the best way to get and use translations in your project. You can host them on our CDN, download with CLI, API or via Web UI.
Use translation hostingDownload with CLI commandExport via REST API
translations in multi-language-json file format
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Greet your customers in their mother language

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