React localization
and management

Translation hosting hosting
FormatJS & i18next support
Easy setup
Unlimited hosted words
Simple interface
Flat pricing

How to localize React app?

Upload translation keys

Get your JSON file with translation keys
or translations and upload it.
  • SimpleLocalize CLI is open-source
    and safe to use in your infrastructure
  • Vendor-agnostic solution - all data can
    be exported any time in multiple formats
  • Use REST API or web client to
    upload or download your data
Install SimpleLocalize CLIIntegrate FormatJS CLI
react translations cli upload
translation editor for localization keys

Translate application

Your data will show up in a translation editor which can be handed over to translators or other team members.
  • Translate with Google Translate in seconds!
  • Invite team members to the project
  • Activity log shows what was happening with your translations
  • Use quick rollback to revert translations to the previous version
More about translation hosting

Use translations

Fetch translations directly from the CDN or download
them using our command-line application.
  • CDN ensures fast access to translation data anywhere
    in the world in the most commonly used JSON format
  • Translate once and re-use translations in other
    applications by changing the download format
  • Fetching translations directly from CDN in your
    app allows you changing messages in real-time
translation editor for localization keys

Why SimpleLocalize?

Check how we differ from other localization solutions

Other solutions
Simple, but powerful

SimpleLocalize is easy to get started with and focuses on the features that you and your client need the most. Besides that, the web interface looks neat and clean.

Overly complex

Other platforms use complex concepts and require a lot of time to get familiar with them. The number of features distracts you from the tasks you want to accomplish.

Free with unlimited strings

SimpleLocalize offers free access without entering credit card information. We offer unlimited number of words, languages, and number of projects in every plan, even in our community plan. Our paid plans are much cheaper than other solutions.

Expensive subscriptions

Other solutions not only offer very expensive subscriptions, but they also offer little or no free options. Pricing is focused on the number of strings that can increase the subscription fee rapidly.

Flat pricing

No hidden costs at any scale! SimpleLocalize offers a very simple and affordable plan for you and your project. Within easy integration options for the developers and intuitive translation editor for the manager, it creates a wonderful selection.

Changes every month

Costs estimation is a nightmare. Many services charge per 'hosted word' or 'string' which means that they charge you for every word you type in a translation editor.

Trusted by many

We deliver translations to people around the World!

how it works

Auto-translate texts

Select the language which you want to translate and hit 'Start auto-translate' button. Done! Your application is now translated into the language you selected. You can use 120 languages from Google Translate or DeepL to translate your application in just a few seconds!

Learn more about auto-translation
translate web application with google translate or deepl

Open Source CLI

CLI can find translation keys in your project files locally, and send them to the cloud. You can also use it to upload your current translation files to manage them in SimpleLocalize. Once you translate messages, you can use CLI to download a ready to use translation file.

Get started with CLI
localization cli tool example usage
Ready to say

Greet your customers in their mother language

Start 14-day trialNo credit card required


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