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Hey, I'm Jakub

For over 6 years I worked in a few global companies, small startups, and a few other side projects. SimpleLocalize is my biggest side project which became my main project in 2021. My primary goal is to provide the best possible service support here and increase sales in the nearest future. Currently, this is the project on which I work everyday by providing custom integrations and support on i18n localization management. I try to create SimpleLocalize with faith in good people, open-source, and vendor-agnostic environment.

If you really liked SimpleLocalize and my philosophy behind it but for some reason you don't want to buy this service I would be very grateful for spreading a word about it. You can share SimpleLocalize blog posts on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or your team Slack. Big thanks for that! 🙂

You can follow me on Twitter or periodically check my personal blog for new content.

PS Sorry for that I sometimes use form "we" or "us" on page and e-mails. It sounds better for me. 😅

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