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Publishing translations on Translation Hosting (March 2023)

How does Translation Hosting work?

With SimpleLocalize's built-in Translation Editor, you have full control over your translations. Edit, manage translation keys, and even utilize auto-translation capabilities to effortlessly translate text into multiple languages. Once you're satisfied with the changes, simply publish them to SimpleLocalize hosting.

Accessing your translations is a breeze. You can fetch them as a JSON file using any REST client library. Additionally, you can leverage webhooks to automatically retrieve translations for your application, ensuring a seamless integration experience. Whether it's a desktop, web, or mobile application, it's super easy to integrate SimpleLocalize translation hosting within any application and workflow.


Content delivery network

SimpleLocalize hosting for translations acts same as a content delivery network but for your translations. We rely on Amazon S3 and Cloudflare CDN to deliver your translations to your users all over the world. You can change texts and strings in your app without any hassle, in real time, without any downtime.

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Open Source CLI

CLI can find translation keys in your project files locally, and send them to the cloud. You can also use it to upload your current translation files to manage them in SimpleLocalize. Once you translate messages, you can use CLI to download a ready to use translation file.

Get started with CLI
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Straightforward workflow

Recreate your work environments for your projects and integrate them with SimpleLocalize. Publish translation changes from the local environment to development, staging, and production. Access and publish translations via the REST API, webhooks, or directly from the SimpleLocalize app. Collaborate with translators by integrating hosting files and automatically update your app with new translations.

view of translation hosting environments and files

Seamless setup

Choose the desired JSON format for hosted files and decide how to manage missing translations. Opt to omit them, so they are displayed as untranslated, or automatically replace them with default language translations. This ensures a smooth user experience, eliminating any gaps in your app's language translations. Adjust the setup to your needs and integrate the translation updates with your app workflow and configuration.

view of translation hosting settings

Custom environments

In addition to the default 'Latest' and 'Production' environments, SimpleLocalize empowers you to create custom environments tailored to your project workflow. By creating these custom translation environments, you gain the ability to manage translations separately, ensuring precision and consistency in all updates made across different environments.

configuration of translation hosting environments

Trusted by many

Our Translation Hosting is used by over 100 million people every month.

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Why SimpleLocalize?

Most translation editors are overkill for most teams. SimpleLocalize is easy
to use and understand with no training or prior experience.

Simple and customizable

SimpleLocalize is easy to get started with and focuses on the features that you and your client need the most. You can customize the editor to your needs choosing from a variety of translation editor options.

Flat pricing

No hidden costs at any scale. SimpleLocalize offers a simple and affordable plans for you and your projects. Within easy integration options and intuitive translation editor, it creates a wonderful selection.

Team members

Every paid plan comes with a number of users you can add to your project. You don't need to worry about number of users as the price does not increase with every user.

Auto-translation included

Every paid plan comes with a number of auto-translation characters that are added to your account every month. You can use them to translate your project without any additional costs. You can increase the limit at any time.

Tools for Developers

SimpleLocalize offers a command-line tool, REST API and Webhooks for developers to easily integrate their projects no matter which plan you choose. It enables you to make automations to synchronize translations with your projects.

Alternative translations

SimpleLocalize is the only service that offers customer-specific translations, which allows you to adjust translation for one customer without affecting base translations.

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