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Translate your strings with automated translation services
like Google Translate and DeepL with a few clicks.

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How does auto-translation work?

Auto-translation is a powerful feature which helps you translate texts of your application in seconds. With just a few clicks, you can translate a selected language automatically. Upload your project translations, add a new language and use start auto-translation. SimpleLocalize will find missing translations and use other translations or translation keys to fill in the gaps. See auto-translation documentation for more information.

No subscription required

You don't have to buy a subscription to use auto-translation. Every new user starts with a free 14-day trial of Team plan. You can see the limits of plan on the pricing page. You can buy more auto-translation characters being on trial, without upgrading your plan. It's a great choice for projects that you want to translate only once without managing content in SimpleLocalize, like games desktop apps, or any kind of software that doesn't change over time frequently.

Fair pricing

Every new user, who upgrades their plan to a paid plan, gets a fixed number of auto-translation characters every month. Unused auto-translation characters rollovers to the following month. Auto-translation characters have no termination date, they are valid until you cancel the plan.

Translation Editor

Web-based translation editor, with customizable views, collaborative features, words and character counters, and more. Its intuitive UI makes it a great choice for every user.

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Import and export

You can export translations into an any available file format or import new files to merge translations into existing ones.

How to import spreadsheet with translations
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