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Showing how to translate many strings using Auto-translation feature (March 2023)

How does Auto-translation work?

Auto-translation is a powerful feature which helps you translate texts of your application in seconds. With just a few clicks, you can translate a selected language automatically. Upload your project translations, add a new language and use start auto-translation. SimpleLocalize will find missing translations and use other translations or translation keys to fill in the gaps. See auto-translation documentation for more information.

Translation providers

SimpleLocalize supports three translation providers: OpenAI, DeepL and Google Translate. You can choose the provider that suits your needs best. OpenAI provider is a great choice for translating marketing content, blog posts, or any kind of text that requires a human-like translation with option to provide an additional context. DeepL is a great choice for translating technical content, like code comments, or any kind of text that requires a high-quality translation. Google Translate is a great choice for translating general content, like user interface strings, or any kind of text that requires a fast translation and it offers a wide range of languages.

No subscription required

You don't have to buy a subscription to use auto-translation. Every new user starts with a free 14-day trial of Team plan. The Team plan allows you to upload up to 4 000 translation keys. You can see the limits of plan on the pricing page. You can buy more auto-translation characters being on trial, without upgrading your plan. It's a great choice for projects that you want to translate only once without managing content in SimpleLocalize, like games desktop apps, or any kind of software that doesn't change over time frequently.

Fair pricing

Every new user, who upgrades their plan to a paid plan, gets a fixed number of auto-translation characters every month, according to the plan they choose. Auto-translation characters apply to Google Translate and DeepL providers. For OpenAI provider, you can provide your own API key and use it without any limits. Unused auto-translation characters rollovers to the following month. Auto-translation characters have no termination date, they are valid until you cancel the plan. If you run out of auto-translation characters, you can buy more without upgrading your plan.

Quick Translation

Quick translation allows you to translate a single string in a few seconds,
without any additional configuration and need to leave the editor.

Showing how to translate one string using Auto-translation feature (March 2023)

Built-in translation editor

Built-in translation editor allows you and your team to edit and translate strings with ease.
It offers a wide range of features like changes history, review statuses, characters counter and much more.

online translation editor interface
  • Auto-translation
  • Screenshots
  • Acceptance statuses
  • Quick search
  • Translation history
  • File export & import
  • Customizable view
  • Key descriptions
  • Namespaces support
  • Side-by-Side view
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Text summaries

Why SimpleLocalize?

Most translation editors are overkill for most teams. SimpleLocalize is easy
to use and understand with no training or prior experience.

Simple and customizable

SimpleLocalize is easy to get started with and focuses on the features that you and your client need the most. You can customize the editor to your needs choosing from a variety of translation editor options.

Flat pricing

No hidden costs at any scale. SimpleLocalize offers a simple and affordable plans for you and your projects. Within easy integration options and intuitive translation editor, it creates a wonderful selection.

Team members

Every paid plan comes with a number of users you can add to your project. You don't need to worry about number of users as the price does not increase with every user.

Auto-translation included

Every paid plan comes with a number of auto-translation characters that are added to your account every month. You can use them to translate your project without any additional costs. You can increase the limit at any time.

Tools for Developers

SimpleLocalize offers a command-line tool, REST API and Webhooks for developers to easily integrate their projects no matter which plan you choose. It enables you to make automations to synchronize translations with your projects.

Alternative translations

SimpleLocalize is the only service that offers customer-specific translations, which allows you to adjust translation for one customer without affecting base translations.

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