Flag of Iraq

🇮🇶 Iraq

Country located in Western Asia

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General information related to the country

Comprehensive data for Iraq
Country NameIraq
Country Name (Local)جمهورية العراق / Al-´Iraq
Country Flag🇮🇶
Country Area438317 km2
Country Code (ISO 3166-1)IQ
RegionWestern Asia
Capital NameBaghdad
Capital Latitude33.34058
Capital Longitude44.40088
Postal Code Format#####
Postal Code Regex^(\d{5})$


The currency used for the locale code is Iraqi Dinar.

Currency information for Iraq and locale
Currency NameIraqi Dinar
Currency Name (Local)Iraqi dinar
Currency CodeIQD
Currency Symbolع.د
Currency Numeric368
Currency Subunit Value1000
Currency Subunit NameFils

Languages Spoken

Iraq speaks 2 languages.


Iraq has one timezone with UTC offset UTC+03:00.



Iraq shares borders with 6 countries and it's not landlocked.

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What country is 🇮🇶?

People often ask which country uses 🇮🇶 emoji flag. The answer is Iraq.Iraq is located in Western Asia continent. The country area is 438317 km2, and the capital city is Baghdad (33.34058, 44.40088). Some of the neighboring countries are Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and the country is not landlocked. Some of the timezones in Iraq are UTC+03:00. The currency used in Iraq is Iraqi dinar (IQD). People in Iraq speak mostly Arabic, Kurdish. Iraq is part of the Western Asia region.