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Fast and Intuitive Translation Editor

Web editor, which is ready to handle thousands of translation keys with many languages at the same time! Performance first UI improves the speed and quality of work.

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Work with your Team

Invite team members to the project. Work together with native speakers from all around the world on your app translations. Get the best matching word translation to better express your project idea.

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Data Migration

Import data from Excel or CSV file, and export it at any time to the Excel/CSV/JSON format. If you need help with data migration hit us on e-mail: [email protected]

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Revert Changes

Use translation hosting revert feature to rollback previous version. Change translations with feeling that you are in charge. No more surprises!

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Translation Hosting

Every project has its own space on our servers which are covered with a CDN layer. The CDN is the fastest possible way to deliver translations anywhere, anytime for you, your users, and developers.

Translation hosting
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Open Source CLI

CLI can find translation keys in your project files locally, and send them to the cloud. You can also use it to upload your current translation files to manage them in SimpleLocalize. Once you translate messages, you can use CLI to download ready to use translation file.

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import and export

Export translation into an Excel file to make changes or send it to somebody to provide you with translations. Import modified Excel file back to the SimpleLocalize.

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