Easy access

Every published change goes to the CDN and it is available right away, so your users and developers will see the changes on next page or application reload.

Start now
    "CREATE_ACCOUNT": "create account",
    "SIGN_IN": "sign in",
    "WELCOME_TO_THE_JUNGLE": "welcome to the jungle",
      "key": "en",
      "name": "english",
      "enabled": true //soon!
      "key": "es",
      "name": "español",
      "enabled": false //soon!

Content overview

Work with many languages at the same time. Use the spreadsheet to get full range overview of your translations. Keep the same context in all languages.

Import your data

SimpleLocalize allows you to import keys and translations from Excel or CSV file. Your data will be appended to the existing content.

Automate your workflow

SimpleLocalize CLI finds all translation keys in application source code and pushes them to the cloud automatically. Thanks to that you don't need to do it manually. Run the script and let the magic begin.

See supported libraries
Setup simplelocalize.yml file
projectType: <PROJECT_TYPE>
Run in terminal
curl -s https://get.simplelocalize.io | bash

Export your data

Export feature can produce ready to use translations files for your application, e.g. JSON for JS applications, Java properties, Android/iOS, Excel and much more! No vendor lock-in, export your data anytime.

Check supported file formats

Work with Team

Invite your co-workers, friends or professional translators to help you with the content management. When the work is complete, just save and publish changes!

Invite teammates

Quick rollback

Need to revert changes? No problem, open CDN version management panel and redeploy previous version.

  • Workflow automation
  • Import your data
  • CLI tool
  • CDN
  • Cloud Editor
  • Flat pricing
  • Work with team
  • Backups
  • No additional costs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Enterprise data security
  • More features soon!
Let us know if you need anything else: [email protected]



Great for a small web page

  • 250 terms
  • CDN Access
  • Workflow automation


$12 / mo

For startups and solo developers

  • 5 000 terms
  • Export to Excel
  • Reverting changes


$29 / mo

Medium-sized businesses

  • 30 000 terms
  • Auto-translation
  • Grammar check

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