Get started

We've built SimpleLocalize CLI that extracts i18n terms from your project files, and pushes them to the SimpleLocalize, where you can translate them, and publish to the CDN or export in a desired format.



For example to translate frontend application in ReactJS you can use 3rd party library like yahoo/react-intl:

Example yahoo/react-intl usage in code:

<FormattedMessage id="LOGIN"/>

Thanks to CLI, key: LOGIN will be found and pushed to the SimpleLocalize Platform automatically.

🚀 How to use it

$ cd ~/MyProject #same place where the simplelocalize.yml is
$ curl -s | bash

Done! CLI will find i18n terms, and push them to SimpleLocalize Platform.

Example simplelocalize.yml

apiKey: <API_KEY>
projectType: <SEE_BELOW>

📖 Supported libraries

Library projectType value Ready?
react-intl yahoo/react-intl
Standard Android internationalization google/android
Standard iOS internationalization apple/ios [ ]
react-i18next i18next/i18next
mde/ejs mde/ejs
ember-intl ember-intl/ember-intl [ ]
jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin Anthony-Gaudino/jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin [ ]
dust-intl yahoo/dust-intl [ ]
handlebars-intl yahoo/handlebars-intl [ ]