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Last updated: October 26, 2023Author: Jakub Pomykała

The most popular office program can now be a tool for translation management. Localize your application with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet tool. Translations and translation keys can be exported using a Web client, API or CLI to the Excel spreadsheet. You can share the file with others and import it later to update the translations. Use Excel as a localization tool!

File format example

excel localization tool

Download Excel example file

Download Excel template file

Description column

Excel file format offers additional DESCRIPTION column for providing a description for translation keys. Please remember that column names are case-sensitive; that means only uppercase DESCRIPTION column will be recognized. Descriptions uploaded via CLI are set as "Code Descriptions" by default. If you want to update translator descriptions, you have to add --uploadOptions UPDATE_DESCRIPTIONS to your CLI command.

Namespace column

Excel file format offers additional NAMESPACE column for providing translation key namespaces. The NAMESPACE column is exported only if at least one translation key has a namespace.

Options column

Excel file format offers additional OPTIONS column for providing additional options and features for specific translation keys. that means only uppercase OPTIONS column will be recognized.

Supported options:

  • BLOCK_MODIFICATION - blocks option to edit translation and key (delete is still available)


You can import translation file with BLOCK_MODIFICATION option for some translation keys. BLOCK_MODIFICATON blocks option to change translations and translation keys in the 'Translations' tab.

Block translation in Excel file

Upload with CLI

simplelocalize upload --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --uploadFormat excel \
  --uploadPath ./my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about SimpleLocalize CLI and translations upload feature.

Download with CLI

simplelocalize download --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --downloadFormat excel \
  --downloadPath ./my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about SimpleLocalize CLI and translations download feature.

Import with API

    --request POST \
    --url 'https://api.simplelocalize.io/api/v2/import?uploadFormat=excel' \
    --header 'x-simplelocalize-token: <API_KEY>' \
    --form file=@/path/to/your/my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about importing translations with API

Export with API

    --request GET \
    --url https://api.simplelocalize.io/api/v3/export?downloadFormat=excel \
    --header 'x-simplelocalize-token: <API_KEY>'

Learn more about exporting translations with API