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Excel file

Last modified: November 09, 2021Author: Jakub Pomykała

The most popular office program can now be a tool for translation management. Localize you application with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet tool. Translations and translation keys can be exported using Web client, API or CLI to the Excel spreadsheet. You can share the file with others and import it later to update the translations. Use Excel as a localization tool!

File format example

excel localization tool

Download Excel example file

Download Excel template file

Blocking translations

Using Excel files you can block specific keys and translations from being changed. In order to block specific translation key and its translations add column named OPTIONS and put BLOCK_MODIFICATION text into the row which should be blocked in translation editor.

Please make sure there is no spaces in the beginning or in the end of values in the Excel file.

Usage example

Block translation in Excel file

Blocked translation and key in List View

Blocked translation in translation editor in list view

Blocked translation and key in Table View

Blocked translation in translation editor in table view

Supported options:

  • BLOCK_MODIFICATION - blocks option to edit translation and key (delete is still available)

If you need any custom function then please let us know.

Upload with CLI

simplelocalize upload --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --uploadFormat excel \
  --uploadPath ./my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about SimpleLocalize CLI and translations upload feature.

Download with CLI

simplelocalize download --apiKey <PROJECT_KEY> \
  --downloadFormat excel \
  --downloadPath ./my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about SimpleLocalize CLI and translations download feature.

Import with API

    --request POST \
    --url 'https://api.simplelocalize.io/api/v2/import?uploadFormat=excel' \
    --header 'x-simplelocalize-token: <API_KEY>' \
    --form file=@/path/to/your/my-excel-file.xlsx

Learn more about importing translations with API

Export with API

    --request GET \
    --url https://api.simplelocalize.io/api/v3/export?downloadFormat=excel \
    --header 'x-simplelocalize-token: <API_KEY>'

Learn more about exporting translations with API