Translation hosting

Last modified: May 05, 2022Author: Jakub Pomykała

Host your translations as JSON files on our free of charge hosting with superfast CDN access. It allows you to fetch translations from anywhere with lightning speed in JSON and use it without extra configuration in any project.

how translations hosting works

Every time you publish changes, something magical is happening. SimpleLocalize puts the newest version of your translations from the web translation editor into our CDN in multiple formats with superfast access speed!

How to publish translations

Change translations in the translation editor and click 'Save & Publish' or head to 'Hosting' tab and click 'Publish'.

how to publish translations

Default language

To provide translation for a language which doesn't offer a translation in the requested language, you can set up a default language. To set up the default language, head to the 'Languages' tab and click 'Edit' on the language you want to set up as default. Then, check option 'Use as a default language' and click save. Re-deploy your translations using 'Publish' button to see the changes on the CDN.

default language

How to access hosted translations

Access to the SimpleLocalize CDN does not require authorization. Thanks to that, you can integrate it with your web application or any kind of application.

Learn more about accessing translation from CDN in 'Read translations' section.

How to revert translations?

Open the 'Hosting' tab, scroll down to 'Rollbacks' section and click 'Publish' on the version which you want to publish. You can also browse _index file for each version using the 'Browse' button.

translation rollback menu

Please notice that the 'Publish' button in the 'Rollbacks' tab will revert translations to the 'Latest' environment. If you want to push translations to the 'Production' environment, then please use 'Publish' button to deploy the 'Latest' environment to the 'Production'.

how to rollback translations