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General information related to the language

Comprehensive general data for Fula language
Language NameFula
Language Name (Local)Fulfulde
Language Code (ISO 639-1)ff
Language Code (ISO 639-2)ful
Language Code (ISO 639-3)ful

Spoken In

We have found 2 countries in which the language is spoken

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What language is 'ff'?

Many people wants to know what language is 'ff'? The answer is that the ff language is Fula and it is used in 2 countries. In many resources, you may also find that Fula is also known as Fulfulde in local language. Fula has ISO 639 codes like ff (ISO 639-1), ful (ISO 639-2) and ful (ISO 639-3). The language ISO 639-1 is also used with a conjugation with a country code to create a locale code like ff-BF for Burkina Faso.