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GitHub Actions available!

GitHub Actions available!

GitHub Actions is a new way for developers to automate their work. Actions are simple, yet powerful, pieces of code that can be written in any language, and run in the cloud. They're designed to help you ship great software faster by enabling your whole team to collaborate on building and maintaining automation pipelines.

Github Actions Market - Upload Translations from File Action

GitHub Actions integration for Continuous Localization is available on GitHub Market! Connect your GitHub repository to SimpleLocalize i18n editor for free! The integration with GitHub Actions enables customers to build a workflow where content is automatically added to SimpleLocalize i18n editor. You can import translations on every branch update or just on pull request. Mange, edit, or review translations in SimpleLocalize Editor and once you are ready, push them to the CDN or save changes and download using GitHub Actions.

How to start?

It's simple, create a new yml file in .github/workflows directory and put SimpleLocalize actions code to download or upload file with translations.

Github Actions - example download translations action


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