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Translation management for white-label products

White-label SaaS products are services that one company offers to other subjects, which they can rebrand to make it look like their own product. The idea is simple, one company builds a software product, and offers other companies to buy it and use and sell as their own software. 

The buyer or reseller buys the white-label product and rebrands it. And here comes the more complicated part. How to build a white-label software, so it is easy to adjust and rebrand for other, different companies? As different companies can have different ideas of the usage of your product, it must be easy to adjust it to different needs and users. 

Translation in white-label products can be a challenging task, as different clients would like to show texts differently or change their meaning completely. Your white-label software should be prepared for such challenges and respond to the client's needs. A positive approach to such product adjustments or customizations, especially when it comes to simple changes, like translations, will only positively affect your product, customer relations and create new sales opportunities. 

With little cost and effort, you can customize your product to meet the needs of different customers. SimpleLocalize will give you tools and environment for professional translation management for all your white-label product customers. 

White-label SaaS products needs in terms of translation

Translation management, and in general text content management, is a considerable part of white-label software projects. Let's take an example of a booking engine software that different hotels can use on their website. The key in booking engine is its customization: the hotel adds photos, custom descriptions to make it fit perfectly into their website, style, and message. 

Thus, it can be challenging to build one software that fits everyone needs. If you do not make all the texts customizable on the UI, then you start receiving requests from your clients, to change About {hotelName} header text to “Our Story”. You can't change that for all your customers, and you probably don't have time and resources to make such small customizations for just one client.

It is the same with translations. One client would translate some differently than the other, or would use an entirely different text instead. How to manage such client requests, multiple content versions and translations differing for your customers? 

Offer different translation for your customers without duplicating translation files

As a white-label software, you understand the need of simplicity in project files management. While your product is customized in many ways, your base software needs to be maintainable and easy to update and control. 

Alternative translations offered by SimpleLocalize are a great way of managing different versions of content, not only for translations, but even for just one-language projects. It is an option where you can create different translation versions without duplicating any files or content. You just add another version of text requested by your customer.

Alternative translations in translation editor
Alternative translations in translation editor

Start with importing your existing translations and then add your customer IDs and create translation versions for them. You don't duplicate keys or translation files. Everything is in one place, and you change only the texts that need to be modified for your customers. 

There is no limit of customers that you can create in SimpleLocalize. The business plan will help you manage all customer-specific translations and tailor your software to their specific needs.

Let your customers create their own translations version

Does your client have a specific need for translation version or needs to adjust a lot of your app texts? Let them create it by themselves! In SimpleLocalize you can share your project with your customers, define their access and give them an option to translate your software or adjust the translations to their needs.

Project sharing for multilingual white-label projects
Project sharing for multilingual white-label projects

Invite your customers to your project translation or text customization process. Let them translate your project and create a custom translation version. It means less work and costs for you, and a happy customer who can customize the products to their needs.

Do not worry about unwanted changes in your translation data. You can limit user access to selected languages and decide what features they can access in your SimpleLocalize project. Have full control over the customization process, making it easier for you and your team to manage the whole process.

Manage translation files in a simple all-in-one translation software

Translation management do not have to be complicated anymore. Switch from using Excel files and over-complicated external tools to a simple and intuitive translation management software. The all-in-one system is a perfect fit for white-label SaaS products, for big and advanced projects and also for bigger teams.  

Manage translation and your project content with your team in a system adjusted to their needs. Developers will find an easy way for integrating the tools they currently use, and import and export of translation data without a hustle. Translators can work on your project in the same place without having to use different files or copy the translation data. And you can keep track of the translation progress and save time and money on complicated localization processes. 

i18 translation editor
i18 translation editor

SimpleLocalize i18n translation editor was created with simplicity in mind, to make the translation process a plausible experience for the entire team. It will help to add and update translations, and also find the ones that are not in use. A simple setup and clear options will not give you a headache like old-fashioned TMS might have. Instead, work in an environment that is intuitive, saving you time and stress. The powerful features of SimpleLocalize allow you to do more with less effort.

Create unlimited projects with simple users management

Do you manage multiple projects? Working on localization or software customizations for multiple projects at once can be a challenging task. In SimpleLocalize, we make this easier for you by adding simple projects management.

There is no limit of projects that you can create in SimpleLocalize. And what is important for bigger companies, they are managed individually as per user management and their permissions. You can assign user access to projects and decide their role. One user can have full access in one project, but limited permissions in another. This way you can customize your project management in scope of localization and content customization for your white-label products.

Multiple translation projects
Multiple translation projects

In our Business plan, every project can have as many as 50 users. With no limit of projects, it gives you an option to work with all projects your business is involved in and share them with your team members and customers in an affordable pricing plan and one translation management solution. 

Integrate SimpleLocalize using your developers tools

Simple integration process is fundamental when choosing management tools, also for translation management. This integration process in SimpleLocalize is adjusted for all needs – from simple file management to more advanced translation libraries support, REST API, GitHub Actions integration, Webhooks or our CLI. 


Translation management software should be a pleasant addition to your current workflows. That is why SimpleLocalize makes implementing a new translation software hassle-free. There's no complicated setup or data movements required. 

Upload, change, or import translations using SimpleLocalize REST API to integrate the translation management into your project and team workflows. Use it to customize the translation process and integrate it your way into your project. 

Thanks to our simple and developer-friendly documentation, the integration process will be quick and painless. If you have a custom integration requirement or a unique translation structure that is difficult to follow, please contact us. We will help you find the best way to integrate your workflow with SimpleLocalize.

Our tips for translating white-label software

We have 4 tips that can help your business to prepare your white-label software product for localization and translation management with SimpleLocalize.  

  1. Keep your translation keys simple and self-explanatory. When creating translation keys, make them clear and self-explanatory about their meaning and location in the project. It will help your team identify them faster and update translations with no extra work.
  2. Add translation keys description to provide more details for translators. In case the translation keys are not so clear, add information about the key location and usage in key description. It will help translators to identify the key.
  3. Make the Customer ID simple and easy to find. It will be used not only by the developers team by also by your team members and customers themselves. Try using customer name instead of ID for custom translations. 
  4. Share project with your customers. Once you create their customer ID, share the access to SimpleLocalize with your customers, so they can adjust the translation anytime without contacting your support team.

Business plan for translation management in white-label projects

SimpleLocalize offers a Business plan with special features for white-label projects. The main feature is alternative translations that let you create different translation versions for your customers. Additionally, you will have an option to create unlimited projects with 50 users each!

We adjust the system to your needs, and the same goes with our pricing. If you notice that the existing limit translation keys, users, or characters for automatic translations is not enough, then you can expand your Business plan easily. 

With simple and predictable pricing and easy subscription management, you can focus more on your project management and leave the translation management with SimpleLocalize!

Try SimpleLocalize now for your white-label software

Give SimpleLocalize a chance and try it in a 14-day trial with all available features. Get started for free and localize your white-label software and customize your project to your customer's needs. 

Create unlimited projects, import your translation files using one of many integration options. Add users, share projects with your customers, and simply let it flow. Without hustle, in a simple setup and easy workflow.

Within the next two weeks, you should have a good understanding of how SimpleLocalize works, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! If you need more time to test the solution or talk about it with your team members, just contact us and we'll help you out. ☺️

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