API: Get started

Last modified: March 06, 2023Author: Jakub Pomykała

SimpleLocalize API gives you an ability to create your own integrations. API provides an endpoint to create, update, read, and delete translations. Optionally, you can import translations and export translations.

get started with localization api

OpenAPI Specification

SimpleLocalize API is described with OpenAPI 3.x Specification and can be used to generate client libraries for your favorite programming language or import to REST Client, e.g.: Postman or Insomnia. We also provide a Swagger UI to test the API.

SimpleLocalize OpenAPI Swagger UI

API Authorization

Each request which adds or updates the translation data needs to be authorized. Every request sent to such endpoint needs to have X-SimpleLocalize-Token header with API Key value. The API Key can be found in the 'Integrations > Project credentials' tab.

simplelocalize project credentials

Please note that the API Access is rate-limited, and you should not use it to fetch translations for every end-user. Use Translation Hosting instead.

CDN Authorization

Each request for Translation Hosting resources requires a project token. The project token can be found in the 'Integrations > Project credentials' tab, it can be exposed and used in client-side applications.

simplelocalize project token location