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Manage translation changes using review statuses

Manage translation changes using review statuses

Keeping translations up-to-date can be tricky, especially when changes are made to the primary language text. Whether it is a simple rephrasing or a significant shift in meaning, it's crucial to ensure that all translations in all other languages align with the updated content. That's where the Review status comes in, offering an easy way to track translation status.

The challenge

Changes in the primary language text, especially in English, can range from minor adjustments to complete overhauls. It is like a linguistic puzzle, and your goal is to maintain harmony across all translations.

Imagine this scenario. You have translated your content into multiple languages, only to realize that a small tweak or correction is needed in the primary language (let's say, English). Suddenly, you have to make sure that all the other translations perfectly match the new text.

Fear not, as SimpleLocalize presents a straightforward solution: the Review status.

Introducing the Review status

SimpleLocalize comes to the rescue with its Review status feature. By categorizing translations as accepted or needing review, you can effectively communicate that changes in the primary language may have affected translations in other languages, requiring additional review or new translations.

Apply review status to your translations

Start by setting the review status for your translations. You can mark all primary language translations as accepted and leave others as 'to review' (this serves as the reference point for all other translations).

If you're confident in the quality of all translations, mark them all as accepted and only adjust the status when you make changes to a particular translation.

Using Bulk Actions, you can easily and quickly adjust the review status for selected languages. Check the video below to see how to mark all translations as accepted.

Marking all translations as Accepted using Bulk Actions

Updating one language translations

Whenever you change a translation in the primary or another language, and adjustments are needed in other languages, update their review status accordingly.

Accept the translation change and next change the review status to Needs review in all other languages by simply clicking on the review status icon or using the Bulk Actions feature to update it for multiple languages at once.

Marking translations as needs review manually

On translation change, the review status automatically switches to Needs review in the edited language. You must mark the new translation as Accepted.

Collaborate using Review status

Making the most of the Review status for collaboration adds transparency to the translation process. When marking translations in other languages as Needs review, you provide clarity on which translations require attention. This specification helps translators understand where their focus is needed, creating a clear overview and indicating areas that may require additional work.

Here is a straightforward approach to collaboration using the Review status:

  • Identify translations requiring review. Mark translations with the status Needs review to clearly highlight which translations are pending verification. By specifying the status, you guide translators to the exact areas that need attention.
  • Filter translations: Focus solely on translations that need review.
  • After making changes, Accept translations: Confirm translations that are already verified and don't require additional work.

Filtering translations by review status

Why Review status?

The Review status in SimpleLocalize offers a clear and direct approach to managing translation updates. Whether the change is subtle or significant, marking translations as Needs review encourages a collaborative effort in maintaining linguistic precision.

So, the next time your English takes a turn, remember - simplicity is the key to effective translation management. With SimpleLocalize's Review status, you can navigate the twists and turns of linguistic evolution with ease.

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