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SimpleLocalize vs Locize

Value and features comparison between SimpleLocalize and Locize translation management software.

Hosting translations
i18next integration
Predictable pricing
Customer-specific translations
Translation modificationsFree and unlimited
per word $0.04 modification
Translation fetchingFree and unlimited
per $0.001 request
PricingFixed price
+ translation hosting and changes
Full FormatJS support
Suitable for non-technical people
Native integrations
Vendor agnostic
Open-source CLI
Auto-translation markings
3rd party integrations

Cost comparison

Translation hosting pricing comparison. Cost estimated for a small app with 200 users and 5 languages.

Hosting action
Fixed price
Translation modifications
Free and unlimited
50 changes per month * 5 languages * $0.04
Translation downloads
Free and unlimited
200 users * 30 days * 5 page loads * $0.0001
Translation hosting
Free and unlimited
300 keys * 3 words/key * 5 languages * $0.004
Total cost of localized application
$12 per month
$36 per month
3x times cheaper solution with more features

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Automatic translation

Select the language which you want to translate and hit 'Start auto-translate' button. Done! Your application is now translated into the language you selected. You can use 120 languages from Google Translate or DeepL to translate your application in just a few seconds!

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How it works?

Import translations using Web UI, API or CLI. Translate strings in translation editor or use auto-translation. Download translations to your project or host them on our servers.

how it works

Work with your Team

Invite team members to the project. Work together with native speakers from all around the world on your app translations. Get the best matching word translation to better express your project idea.

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Open Source CLI

CLI can find translation keys in your project files locally, and send them to the cloud. You can also use it to upload your current translation files to manage them in SimpleLocalize. Once you translate messages, you can use CLI to download a ready to use translation file.

Get started with CLI
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