Import translations

Import feature allows you to upload your existing translations to SimpleLocalize to manage them. This feature can be also used to modify existing translations. You can import translations using API or using Web Client.

Excel file

To import keys and translations from Excel file please use template below. See also examples to make sure that your data are shaped correctly.

Download Excel example file

Download Excel template file

Excel translations file format

JSON file

Import keys and translations from JSON file. See example below on how you should shape your data to import it correctly. Download example JSON file

   "de": {
      "SALE": "Verkauf",
      "ADDRESS": "Adresse"
   "fr": {
      "SALE": "soldes",
      "ADDRESS": "adresse"

Make sure that your JSON file is valid. You can use free JSON validator

CSV file (translation keys only)

CSV files can be separated by , (comma) or ; (semi-colon); other separators will be ignored. There is no option to add translation using CSV files, only translation keys. Download sample CSV file

csv translation keys file format

Custom format

If you cannot use one of proposed file formats to export your data, please contact us at [email protected] You can send us your translation data and project token, so we can import the data for you right away.