API: Update translations

Last updated: October 05, 2023Author: Jakub Pomykała

This endpoint allows you to operate only on existing translations. Use this endpoint to update translation for given translation key and language or translation key, language and customer id. Using this endpoint requires authorization.

Looking for a previous version of the API? Check out v1.




This endpoint allows you to set or update translations for a given translation key.

Sample request

    --request PATCH 'https://api.simplelocalize.io/api/v2/translations' \
    --header 'X-SimpleLocalize-Token: <API_KEY>' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
        "key": "HELLO_WORLD",
        "language": "pl_PL",
        "text": "Witaj świecie""

Request body fields

  • key - translation key,
  • namespace - namespace for a translation key,
  • language - language key,
  • text - translation text,
  • customerId - customer id,
  • reviewStatus - review status, possible values: REVIEWED, NOT_REVIEWED.