Language keys

Last modified: May 25, 2021Author: Jakub Pomykała

Check the best practises on choosing language keys in your project. Learn what are the options on choosing language keys standard. Every translation project created in SimpleLocalize can have unlimited number of languages.

language keys good practised

In SimpleLocalize every language contains 'language key' for a developer and export proposed, and 'language name' which can be treated as user-friendly display name. We don't restrict you to use any specific format for 'language keys', but it's worth to consider using some standardized structure.

i18n and l10n standards

Read more about ISO-3166 and ISO-639

How to add new language

  • Open translation project in web application.
  • Go to 'Languages' tab
  • Add new language by clicking 'Add language' button on top right side
  • Put language key and language name
  • Click 'Add language'
  • Done! 🎉